The District Commissioner is responsible for approving all activities for Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts and Explorer Scouts. This will usually be by means of an informal system agreed between the District Commissioner and each Group Scout Leader or District Explorer Scout Commissioner.

In Potteries North whilst Dale is DC the following will apply:
GSL’s are responsible for authorising all activities that take place in all sections (with the exception of those mentioned elsewhere in this page). GSL’s must therefore have sight and review all sections programmes to perform the above.

If the GSL is unsure whether to authorise a particular activity, they must discuss this with the DC or a DDC.

Where an activity is covered by the Adventurous Permit Scheme it may be authorised by the GSL, unless using someone with the permit from outside Staffordshire County, then the DC or a DDC must be informed.

The DC or a DDC must be notified of all Nights Away, along with approving all Adventurous Activities taking place outside the County using the relevant forms which can be found on our website. 
Nights Away Notification Form 
Adventurous Activity Approval Form

Any questions please don’t hesitate in contacting either Dale or Don