Burdi Boys is back for 2023, with rehearsals well underway, the show will be returning to the Mitchell Arts Centre in Hanley from the 22nd of November through to the 25th of November

What is Burdi Boys

The concept of πŸŽ­Gang Show🎭 was first created in 1932 by Ralph Reader in order to raise funds to build a swimming pool at Downe Scout Camp πŸ•οΈ The first London πŸŽ­Gang Show🎭 was a great success and following this Scouts and Guides from around the world have been putting on their own πŸŽ­Gang Show!🎭

Gang Show = Scout Show! Lots of singing, dancing, acting and fun! 

Gang = a group of scouts coming together to put on a show! 

Burdi Boys Gang Show was first held by Burslem (BUR) District (DI). Over the years District names and borders have changed and Burdi Boys Gang Show now belongs to Potteries North in Staffordshire πŸŒ

Our fantastic show is held every two years and scouts of all ages are invited to join our cast and crew. At the end of πŸ—“️ November (2️⃣2️⃣nd-2️⃣5️⃣th) we will return to the Mitchell Arts Centre and perform for a live audience for 5️⃣ shows. The show is open to the general public. 

🎭 We hope you now understand what Burdi Boys Gang Show really is πŸŽ­

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