Hi all,

As we continue to come out of the pandemic, and normal life starts to resume, so do HQ mandatory training requirements.
To support with this, District are providing a full First Aid course (split into 4 sessions) for any leader to attend.

Leaders will need to attend one of each of the 4 sessions (3 zoom + 1 practical) available on our website below, to meet the HQ requirements for having your First Aid renewed.
The practical sessions details (timings and locations) have not yet been finalised, but should take place in short slots throughout Saturday 2nd October  or  Sunday 3rd October, at a Scout HQ in our District. The cost of this training is being subsided by the District to just £5 and can be paid on the day of the final practical session in-person.

To view the available dates and book: please visit https://pnscouts.org.uk/event/first-aid-2021/
You must book in advance 

All Zoom session details will be emailed closer to the time.

Many thanks for all your hard work in getting scouting back together again
Any questions please let us know

Potteries North District Team