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We’ve found some great resources for our leaders to email out to parents with activities that the young people can complete at home.

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The Scouts UK – ‘The Great Indoors’ – 100 activities

Beaver Badge Pack

Cubs Badge Pack

Scouts Badge Pack

OSM Parent Portal Badge Information

Once you are logged in, on the left-hand side under “My Child” you will see several headings:

Badges – Details of badges that your child has completed or working towards.

So you can see what badges your child has completed, which badges they have been working towards and what badges they have yet to do

Scrap Book

If you are going to work towards some badges, then why not make a scrap book and keep all your evidence (both written and photographic) in one place for you to show your leaders when you return to weekly meetings.

Badges that you can do at home:

There are lots of badges that you can complete or work towards whilst at home.

Some parts of the badge work you may need to finish off when weekly meetings start again.

So just keep a record (perhaps in your scrapbook) of what you have completed and what you still need to do.

Badge Blanket

Have you got a badge blanket and have been meaning to sew on some badges.

Well now is the time to get sewing and your sewing skills could count towards a badge.

Scouting Uniform

How about checking that all your badges that you have been given recently have been sewn onto your uniform.

If not why not get out the needle and thread, check on the Scout website where they go on your uniform and get sewing.

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