March 2021

Readiness level: AMBER FROM 29th MARCH

This means: Limited group sessions can take place outdoors only. No visits/ trips or residential activities.
Maximum group size: 15 young people plus 5 leaders (young leaders can be counted within the young person or leader numbers)

Note: Activities should be in a single location and no trips/visits or residentials are permitted. This includes hike based activities and those which move a group around a number of locations in one session.

Note: In line with the government moving to Step 2 (no earlier than 12th April 2021) we are anticipating a move to AMBER indoors at this point. This allows for meetings indoor and trips and visits (overnight and residential experiences will remain prohibited)

Summer 2020

Our plans for getting back together at Scouts safely

As some of the government restrictions around the COVID-19 pandemic begin to be relaxed, we’re starting to plan for how we’ll be able to return to face-to-face Scouts activities in the future.

We’re all looking forward to returning to being able to return, so I wanted to provide an update on how we’re approaching a re-start. Our restarting plans will follow all government rules and guidance from Scouts’ UKHQ. Our priority is to keep young people and adults safe.

An outline of how we will operate, following Scouts’ ‘COVID Code’:
• New control measures will be in place for all activities
• Additional hygiene measures will be put in place
• Social distancing will be observed
• Group sizes will be limited
• Adjustments will be made for young people vulnerable or affected by COVID

Returning to Scouts will happen in phases, the first of which will let us resume outdoor activities in small groups. Returning to face-to-face Scouts is voluntary for all young people, parents/carers and volunteers.

We’ll share more detailed plans for the new safety measures we’re putting in place soon, and we’d encourage all parents and carers, young people and volunteers to raise concerns, ask questions and provide feedback.

Best wishes,

Dale Harrison

District Commissioner

If you have any questions or concerns, email the District Commissioner team at [email protected]

Tools to help with your risk assessments:

COVID-19 Risk Assessment templates:

COVID-19 Risk Assessment examples:

The below are three examples of how to fill out the COVID-19 restart risk assessment templates.

Current readiness level as directed by the National Youth Agency: AMBER

Full Scout Association framework can be found here