District Executive

2019-2020 Annual Report now available for download – click here

The District Executive Committee plays a vital role in the running of the District as Charity Trustees to:

  • Comply with the Policy, Organisation and Rules of The Scout Association.
  • Manage the District finances and insurance.
  • Promote and support the development and positive image of Scouting in the local area.
  • Appoint and manage any sub committees such as Awards, Event, Heath & Safety or Appointments Advisory Committee
  • Ensure that Young People are meaningfully involved in decision making at all levels within the District
  • Supervising the administration, opening and closing of Groups and Explorer units.
  • Present the Annual Report and Annual Accounts at the Annual General Meeting

The District Executive is made up of four types of members:

  • Ex-officio members
    • District Chair;
    • District Commissioner;
    • District Youth Commissioner;
    • District Secretary;
    • District Treasurer;
    • District Explorer Scout Commissioner;
    • District Network Commissioners;
  • Elected members stand for election at AGM
  • Nominated members are nominated by the DC
  • Co-opted members are chosen due to specific skills

The current members of the District Executive Committee (as at the May 2019 AGM) are:

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Michele LawrenceExofficio - Chair
Liz MappersonExofficio - Secretary
Rob PooleExofficio - Treasurer
Dale HarrisonExofficio - DC
Imogen BooteExofficio - DYC
Sara WalkletExofficio - DESC
John RatcliffeExofficio - DSNC
Don LonghurstNominated
Colin GreatbatchNominated
Barry WalkerNominated
Shay NormanNominated
Ceris WalkerNominated
Peter WhitehouseElected
Mike SmithElected
Steve TraversElected
Amy RatcliffeElected
Matt CluttonElected
Oliver BrockCo-opted
Judith HunterCo-opted


Executive Committee Minutes
Annual General Meeting
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